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  1. Safety First: Flora Fantasia prioritizes the safety of our visitors and staff. We follow strict safety guidelines and regulations and have trained staff to ensure the safety of everyone in the park.

  2. Adult supervision required: Children must be accompanied by adults while inside the park.

  3. No outside food or beverages allowed: To maintain hygiene and safety, we do not allow visitors to bring outside food or beverages inside the park.

  4. No smoking or alcohol: Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited inside the park premises.

  5. Dress code: We recommend visitors wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for amusement park activities. Swimwear is mandatory in the pools. Revealing clothing is not allowed inside the park.

  6. Locker facility available: Flora Fantasia provides locker facilities for the visitors to store their personal belongings safely while enjoying the rides and attractions. However, there is a minimum deposit amount to use the lockers and visitors are advised to take care of the key as a loss of key may result in the deposit amount not being refunded.

  7. Minimum height required: Some rides have a minimum height requirement for safety purposes.

  8. One-time use ticket: Admission tickets are for one-time use only.

  9. Eco-friendly park: Flora Fantasia is an eco-friendly park. We request visitors to avoid littering and take care of waste by using designated bins.

  10. Take care of plants: Visitors are requested to take care of the park’s plants and not damage them in any way.

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